1. "CNN saying they believe they have the suspect pinned down, firing gas to clear him out"
    —  @BenjySarlin.




  6. They believe he’s still in Massachusetts.


  7. How does “the investigation continues to develop” = “You can get back out?”


  8. A deflection to the ‘part of a cell’/’aided, abetted’ question.


  9. Stay indoors request lifted, T is open — magic words.


  10. notquitecrazyenough asked: You rock, and I really hope you get a decent job out of this x (our Australian media isn't too bad, but considering we're relying on CNN, Fox etc your coverage is kicking ass)




  14. lack-of-testosterone asked: this guy is becoming some sort of john conoor to anarchists over here in europe if your cops cant make a quick arrest. thats for sure. there are allready voices of solidarity because he had lost his brother and being hunted by over 10.000 armed. this is going to split the world i think : /

    It’s really not, and they don’t know what they’re talking about. People were expressing sympathy for the cop killer in California, too, and you can just see how “well” his “support” has “continued” to this day.

    So don’t worry, my friend. All shall be (eventually) well.


  15. lucky-juliet asked: I just reblogged something about the package at Bridgewater. It apparently ended up being Beer...

    Yeah. I posted it right here.