2. A certain news program tonight said that they couldn’t independently verify the fact that the Kepler satellite identified 3,200 earth-like planets, and I started laughing because — they’re waiting for independent confirmation? From space?


  3. "From the slang wall, she digs out The Pocket Dictionary of Prison Slanguage, by Clinton T. Duffy, the warden of San Quentin, published in 1941. After gently removing it from the plastic sheath that protects many of the special books, I look inside and find heater (revolver), torpedo (assassin) and backdoor parole (dying in prison)."
  4. Here’s some music.


  6. "Sure enough, when I looked at Şirin’s court file, I was astounded. The evidence against Şirin was not merely thin; it was preposterous, as though it had been assembled by a group of schoolchildren—or by a prosecutor who never imagined that an independent observer would examine it. The central piece of evidence against Şirin was a fifteen-page transcript of wiretapped telephone conversations that Şirin had allegedly made to other Ergenekon members. Yet nothing in the transcript appeared remotely criminal in nature; many of the calls were to Şirin’s girlfriend. And—here’s the showstopper—all of the recorded calls were made after his arrest. When I asked a senior Turkish prosecutor about it for my story, he told me, ‘It’s not one of the strongest cases.’"
  7. Egypt — 4 1/2 hours ago.


  8. New Zach Galifinakis character: man who only eats french fries while listening to “Where The Streets Have No Name.”

  9. "Dadadaaaaa, dadadaaaa, dadadaaaa — what? Why am I singing the Indiana Jones theme? Well …"



  12. "What is the longest word in your language?"

    A video.


  13. "To save you some time, we went ahead and Instagrammed your food in the kitchen. Now eat, for Christ’s sake!"


  14. breakingnews:

    Washington Post to be sold to Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

    The Washington Post reports Amazon.com founder and chief executive Jeffrey P. Bezos will pay $250 million in cash for The Washington Post and affiliated publications to the Washington Post Co.

    Seattle-based Amazon will have no role in the…


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