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    While some are claiming that the situation involving metadata that phone companies are being forced to hand over to the NSA isn’t really as bad as it seems, the truth is, when combined with other information, that metadata can say a ton. Here’s an example in the form of an interactive graphic the German newspaper Die Zeit made of a Green Party politician, Malte Spitz, who sued his phone company to release his data to the newspaper. Die Zeit used the metadata gathered and combined it with publicly available information about Spitz. The results? Well … just click the link and hit play. (thanks Jessica Binsch)

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  7. Look what they’re building in Gezi — via.

  8. And the award for best photo to accompany the story regarding Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz goes to …

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  11. Also — my Turkish is far from perfect, so if I’m missing anything with that document, do please let me know.

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  13. In which a police van water cannons people into the sea in Izmir, Turkey — via. You can’t exactly see it, but the crowd running to the wall after the fact and the woman weeping near whomever is recording the video is clue enough.

  14. Journalists filing in Istanbul — via.

  15. Here’s a song.