1. A car has been carjacked. They’re in Watertown. Shots have been fired. there’s heavy fire, and there might have just been an explosion.

    That’s twitter just now.


  2. "Update on shooter situation. Responding agencies are actively investigating the situation, which remains very fluid at this time. Police continue to sweep the campus. Stay indoors and remain inside until further notice."
  3. "I just had four cops walk into the bar I’m at and take off their hats while watching the news."



  4. "Update on shooter incident. Responding agencies continue to investigate the situation. Police are sweeping the campus at this time, please continue to stay indoors and remain inside until further notice."

  5. NECN, the DA, and others are reporting that the officer shot at MIT has died.


  6. nadabutlove said: I just want to thank you for the Boston updates. I live in Cambridge, no facebook, no twitter. You have served as the news source for everything happening around me. Thank you.

    Cheers, my friend. Anything for a neighbor.


  7. "Update on shooter incident. Responding agencies continue to investigate the situation. The scene is outside of Building 32 (Stata) and 76 (Koch) near Vassar and Main Streets. Injuries have been reported. The situation is still very active and we ask everyone to stay inside."

  8. "

    Thursday, April 18, 2013 11:20

    Responding agencies continue to investigate active shooter incident at building 32(Stata). Please stay indoors and away from Building 32((Stata) and surrounding area.

    — The latest.

  10. evanfleischer:

    Suspect 2 walking around the corner — via.

    Oh, and — this photo that lots of reputable people said was photoshopped? It’s real again — per reputable people once again.

    This. Week.

    (via thepoliticalnotebook)


  11. "At 10:48 PM today gunshots were reported near Building 32 (Stata) which is currently surrounded by responding agencies. The area is cordoned off. Please stay clear of area until further notice. Unknown if injuries have occurred. Although the situation is considered active and extremely dangerous, an investigation is underway. Updates will be provided at this site when more information becomes available."
    — Now at MIT.

    (Gunshots were reported because a guard was shot six times — per Adam Gaffin.)

  12. thepandabaker said: The anon's idea that writing is not a marketable trade and that writing is not in demand is as silly as the claim that anyone can do it. For the first part, almost everything in daily life is written. Newswriting, copywriting, song writing, movie writing, fiction writing, poetry writing, and speechwriting, are all valid genres, and the idea that they're not impactful in daily life seems foolish to me. There is very little we encounter in our day to day lives that isn't written. Writing is us.

    You’re totally right. I can’t see anything wrong with that, though it always helps to have a critical mind and question what’s what.

    My favorite bit is the the idea that there’s a 20 year window left for people to scribble out what they can before we all switch to — I don’t know — the Oxford English Snapchationary.


  13. "Bag, saw the guy, looked right at me."
    — Jeff Bauman — the kid from this image — is the one who helped identify one of the two suspects.

  14. Anonymous said: See, that's what I can't understand. Writing is not a marketable trade, nor a career in high demand over the course of the next 20 years, it's something literally ANYONE can do, and takes 0 effort to actually doing. A jazz musician--heck, musicians in general--is among the other occupations that can make an actual impact, where writing can't. Know what I'm saying?

    You don’t think David Foster Wallace became a brand, or that Jonathan Franzen didn’t become a brand when Time put him on their cover with the caption “Great American Writer?” Or that people who win the Booker or Nobel suddenly become a brand in their own right? Or that people don’t gain ‘cult’ followings?

    And — believe me — there are reams of studies out there on consumer behavior that marketers comb through every day. Why do you think displays are so big or numerous in bookstores? The data’s there.

    As for whether or not everyone can do it — sure, lots of people can do it, but sometimes people can do it awfully well, and it sometimes has an impact. People quote other people. People argue in writing. Writers give Presidents words and put lyrics in songs. They write the scripts behind your favorite TV show. Writing charms. Writing dazes. Writing conveys information. Writing can help explore who a person is and why they’re doing it. Writing can tell you what words mean. Someone can take a whole set of words in one language and then translate them into a completely different language. You’re underselling the profession enormously.

    Know what I’m saying ;)?


  15. Anonymous said: What's the point in someone becoming a writer if there's a massive flooding of competition?

    Because you’re you. A jazz band isn’t five saxophonists or five drummers — it’s a drummer, a bassist, a guitarist, a pianist, and so on. They may all be ‘jazz musicians,’ but they have their instruments that contribute to the whole. It’s about deciding what kind of ‘musician’ you want to be and placing yourself in the context of the ‘band’ accordingly.