1. wayward-daughter-of-asgard said: I want to thank you for keeping us updated.

    Cheers. If you have any questions, let me know.


  2. "MIT campus officer was shot in his vehicle." — via


  3. MBTA police officer being treated at Mt. Auburn hospital — via.


  4. Update: 4:11AM — Anthony de Rosa: “Correction: @EdDavis3 isn’t verified, doesn’t mean it’s not him, but for now let’s assume it is NOT and wait for confirmation” (Though — “RT @peterogburn: Pete Williams says he has confirmed one is dead. One at large. These are the marathon bombers.”)


  5. jaggedanus said: "DEVELOPING: NBC's Kerry Sanders reports 2nd suspect may be inside Watertown building where motion detectors have gone off; SWAT on the way" from NewsBreaker twitter

    I just saw something like that. Thanks.


  6. its-salah said: But they showed Suspect 1 being arrested? Why is he pronounced dead? I don't get it

    Neither do I. The reports are ticking back and forth. (The language as to the nature of his condition has been changing.) Right now, it’s suspect 1 is dead, suspect 2 is at large, and I think the kid spread eagled in the photo was an eyewitness, not a suspect.

  7. "A home on Dexter that police have lit up with spotlights." — via.



  10. Media gathering for a briefing — via.


  11. Scanner seems to suggest that the police are going to wait for daylight before sweeping through the neighborhood. (But they also might be doing one now? Hang on, guys.)



  14. The guy who tweeted about what happened outside his house? It appears he photographed one of the suspects, too.