1. "A horrible list fr Boston Childrens Hosp: leg trauma, age 9; femur fracture, age12; head injury, age2; head injury, age14; leg trauma, age10"


  3. "

    Boston PD scanner activity now less reports of “secondary devices” and “suspicious packages,” more recharging batteries, relieving officers. And as soon as I write that, report of something “very suspicious” on Summer St. downtown, asking for EOD team.

    Guests are being allowed to return to Copley Plaza hotel.


  4. "Lots of people jogging along the Charles River as sun sets — Boston is such a runners’ city."
    — Jess Bidgood — New York Times — just now via twitter.

  5. Basically. Add the brainiacs — as in, the highest population of people employed in higher education anywhere — and the sports maniacs and the working-class guys, and — well …


  6. Update: a friend who works at HKS writes “We were evacuated around 430 with no specifics. As far as I know, everyone is fine.”






  11. If any of you have any questions or more information to share, please let me know.



  14. The President speaks.


  15. Dear Mohammad al-Chalabi,

    Don’t make me wake you up in the middle of the night.

    A Bostonian.