Evan Fleischer was in my college comedy troupe with me and he is an amazing writer. He once ruined an entire week for four of us by giving us his brilliant creative writing thesis. None of us could read, think or talk about anything else for days. We’d see each other on the street and just go, “Evan’s story. I. KNOW.”

    Gaby Dunn. The New York Times Magazine, The Daily Dot, and elsewhere.

    "Intelligent, admirable, and very funny."

    The Guardian.

    Born in Long Beach, California and raised in Medford and along the North Shore of Massachusetts, Evan Fleischer is a writer-at-large. 

    He is a regular contributor to numerous publications, which you can see here, but if we’re to rewind a bit …  

    From 2004 to 2008, he was a member of the comedy troupe Chocolate Cake City, who released “Brokeback to the Future" in February of 2006 to worldwide attention and acclaim. While there, he was a writer, performer, camera man, video editor, sound and light technician, PR representative, a team player, booker, show runner, and — for a time — he also ran the troupe. His work was singled out by The Guardian (see above) and the head writer of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno* as “Very funny and clever.”

    As a journalist, his coverage has been lauded by ShortFormBlog (“One of the best breaking news tumblrs these days”) and the Mother Jones tumblr (as being “One of the few folks who liven up our feed.”) His coverage of Occupy Wall Street (seen here, here and here) was featured in BoingBoing, Afterposten (Norway’s most popular newspaper), Reuters, and elsewhere. His coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing — which he was at — was flagged by Die Welt, N24, the LA Times Tumblr, Mother Jones, and others. 

    He also attracted attention for his coverage of the UK Riots

    As a writer, his work has appeared in McSweeney’s, The Awl, Global Voices (where he covered — amongst other stories — the Chilean student protests, the International Criminal Court, and the Eurozone crisis), The Rumpus, Storyboard, The Weekly Dig, Interrobang Magazine, Bostonist, the Newburyport Daily News, Word Riot, and has been featured on Buzzfeed, Longform.org, Longreads, Andrew Sullivan’s “The Daily Dish,” BBC World Service, link aggregate pages for Time Magazine and Politico, the front page of Boston.com and Ron Silliman’s blog. The host of PBS’ Basic Black thinks “[he is] a true original.”

    CONTACT: evan dot fleischer at gmail dot com

    * The first one.

    AS SEEN:

    Byliner: 2012: 101 Spectacular Nonfiction Stories: #3.  
    Al Jazeera: The Stream: Rick Perry
    on the Mother Jones Tumblr, which I ran for a day.  
    — Longform.org: Best of 2011: War.


    He is an unlisted editor of They Could No Longer Contain Themselves. He is a listed, active co-editor of Somersault Magazine with The Political Notebook and Not Nadia. 

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