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  2. My friend Mona Kareem attended Occupy’s 1st anniversary and took a bunch of photos.

    Here’s one, and —


  3. Some May Day Tweets from Seattle:


  4. h/t ProducerMatthew.

  5. Read the report here.


  6. In Zuccoti news: a girl — in handcuffs — had a seizure for 10 to 15 minutes before an ambulance was called, and the reason why she seized is that — reportedly — she was beaten, her ribs were cracked, and she began to hyperventilate.

    I’m hearing all this via Timcast, and they’re looking at supposed video footage of the incident now.


  7. New York Tumblr Users:

    I might be in your fair city come the week of the 19th. Any chance I might get to meet any of you?

  8. Simple rule of thumb: in anything, anywhere, in any scenario, you don’t destroy 5,000+ books.

  9. Clara Jeffreys — editor of Mother Jones — points out this — “#ows has bought $19k in tents including these, one of which is a 24 hr safe space for women.”

    This after reports of a rape at Occupy Glasgow and at Zuccotti.

    Though one wonders how it works as a safe space.

  10. OWS Spokes Council proposal. This passed the NYC General Assembly tonight.

    Docs via @jskagon.

  11. The #OWS spokes council proposal — via the amazing @jskagon.

    Page 4 of 4.

  12. The #OWS spokes council proposal — via the amazing @jskagon.

    Page 3.

  13. The #OWS spokes council proposal — via the amazing @jskagon.

    Page 2.